Podio Services

I generally help organizations new to Podio to transfer their data into Podio in a way that makes sense for the type of work they do, and the way they like to work.

A typical engagement begins with a discovery phase where I speak to team members and review existing documentation and data. I provide recommendations on the type of apps that will work well for data and how they can be linked to one another. I’ll also recommend any workflows that could be automated. I then implement the agreed upon apps and workflows, migrate data, and provide training to the team on how to begin using the new apps. I make myself available to clients on an ongoing basis to help with future apps and training requirements.

Richmond Family Place

Podio was implemented to provide a central digital management system for handling all sources of information and documentation, as well as capturing inquiries from their website. Read full case study


Social Media Examiner

I implemented Podio for event management because of its flexibility & automation as well as its ability to integrate RightSignature. Read full case study

Other happy Podio clients:

  • Braintrust Canada
  • E Colin Williams
  • Wood Gift Box
  • DashSports
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