is an online business management platform that provides strategic planning, custom project and metric dashboards, integrated meetings and communication to our global client base.

Our Partnership

Sheldrake Williams & Ross has formalized a strategic partnership with industry leading software provider


Sheldrake Williams & Ross chooses its partners selectively, and so does RESULTS. Both companies are dedicated to the success of their clients, and Sheldrake Williams & Ross determined that offering RESULTS would enable it to further differentiate its services, deepen its client relationships and drive greater long-term value.


Sheldrake Williams & Ross’ clients will get a preferred set of options and pricing from RESULTS, for both the industry-leading One Page Strategic Plan that forms the foundation of the RESULTS system, and for the full management platform that executes that strategy.

One Page Strategic Plan

The one-page strategic plan is based on 20 years of business coaching and consulting. It has always been included as the foundation of the RESULTS system, and is now available as a stand-alone offering.


It is ideal for any company, from an established business to a start-up, that wants to get its executive team aligned around strategy and lay a sound foundation for the future. And if you just finished reading Stephen Lynch’s Business Execution for Results, Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up, or Gino Wickman’s Traction, or if you work with a strategic consultant, it is superb for putting your decisions into action. Core Values, BHAG, SWOT and over 10 other common strategic planning components are included plus the ability to create custom components.


One Page Strategic Plan pulls together Metrics, Projects, Tasks and online communication with hundreds of integration options.