Social Media Examiner

About This Project

Social Media Examiner is a US-based company that publishes online magazines, blogs, and podcasts about how business people can use social networks to leverage growth. Their flagship product is a Social Media Marketing World, the world’s largest social media marketing conference, which is held every year in San Diego and welcomes over 4000 attendees and features over 150 speakers.


Sheldrake, Williams & Ross were contracted to help streamline their speaker onboarding and management process for the annual conference.


The Process


Discovery Session

The project began with an initial meeting with Peta & Sue to discover the history of the speaker management process, the company’s goals, challenges and discuss next steps.


SaaS Tool Consulting

The first phase of the contract was to perform a comprehensive analysis of Capsule to determine whether this solution would fulfill their needs. Once it was determined that the initial solution would not suffice, Sue & Peta prepared a competitive analysis of multiple business management SaaS platforms that could fulfill most, if not all, of the companies’ needs.


Technology Solution Implementation

The decision was made to utilize Podio as the desired business management platform because of its flexibility and automation functionality as well as its ability to integrate seamlessly with other platforms such as RightSignatureDrip, etc.


Implementation included a detailed workflow document to track each action and the resulting processes that are triggered under various conditions. We’ve continued to support the company through training and process refinement.


Looking Ahead

The company will continue to utilize our consulting and implementation services to integrate more departments in their organization within the Podio platform to better streamline their event and marketing operations.

SaaS Tool Consulting, Technology Solution Implementation
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