Richmond Food Security

About This Project

Richmond Food Security is a non-profit dedicated to building a robust local food system through education, advocacy, and community building initiatives.


This non-profit was struggling with the desktop version of Quickbooks since only one computer had the software installed. This meant that finance meetings needed to be onsite and with the finance committee gathered around a small monitor.


How We Helped


Technology Solution Implementation

We recommending implementing QBO (Quickbooks Online) and managed the transition from the desktop version of Quickbooks to QBO. This meant:

  • all members of the finance committee were able to access the books whenever needed
  • the Executive Director had easy access to data and was able to pull reports whenever needed for grant applications etc.
  • the Office Coordinator was able to continue to maintain the financial records even when working offsite


Additionally, RFSS had outgrown the spreadsheets that were being used to track community garden plots, donors and members. By implementing the Sumac all-in-one non-profit solution for this client we were able to bring all of this data into one secure platform.  Data is now accessible to all staff at all times and is always up to date. Members of the public are also able to purchase memberships or renew their garden plots online which translates into a great deal of staff time savings.

Technology Solution Implementation
Quickbooks Online, Sumac