DashSport’s goal was to increase capacity and revenue by bringing on new staff and introducing new product lines. Unfortunately, the product ordering process was very time-intensive and product outages were common.

The Process

Discovery Session

This project kicked off with a meeting to discover how DashSport had been managing their ordering process. We also learned about their goals for their organizational growth and their desire to save time and be able to effectively manage their growing team through streamlined operations.

Technology Solution Implementation

Peta and Sue reviewed the current documentation, data, processes and platforms and determined that Podio would be a good fit and would continue to support the company’s growth.

Automated processes were implemented to ensure that regular checks were performed to ensure inventory was reordered in time to avoid products being out of stock.

Step-by-step processes were put in place to enable new team members to be on-boarded quickly and efficiently. These members receive automated task assignments at critical times during the lifecycle of a product order.

Automated emails to manufacturers, third-party warehouses, and inspection companies were implemented to provide data and status updates.

Training documentation (video and written) was provided for current and future staff.

Looking Ahead

As the organization continues to grow, monthly check-ins have been planned to provide ongoing support to their team.