Peta Williams

Peta (Sheldrake) Williams, BSc MSc

Peta believes that enjoying your work and your life outside of work is essential and that it should be entirely achievable. After being a digital nomad for 4 years, she’s hooked and is hoping to spend the next 6 months floating around on a sailboat somewhere warm.

Peta LOVES other people’s spreadsheets. The bigger and messier the better. Nothing makes her happier than turning chaos into organized systems.

She loves looking at processes and data to identify how systems can be implemented, simplified and automated. She has knowledge of many different productivity tools such as Podio, Asana, and Airtable coupled with a great deal of experience helping small businesses and non-profits to run as efficiently as possible.

Peta has a Roomba named Rodney, Scooba (for mopping) named Scooby, Alexa (imaginatively named Alexa) and really anything that will help do the things she doesn’t want to deal with.

She loves helping clients do the same – finding ways to automate and streamline the things that they don’t want to deal with.

Sue Ross

Sue Ross is an intrepid business manager and growth advocate with expertise in operations strategy, technology solutions, social enterprise development, marketing and communications, leadership and relationship building.

A super “Solutionista”, Sue thrives on working with forward-thinking business owners to find solutions to help relieve their pain points and accelerate their growth.

Always on the hunt for new experiences, Sue is currently training for her first triathlon and can be found challenging friends to a game of Scrabble or embarking on road trips with her two kids.

Sue Ross
Sascha Williams

Sascha Williams

Sascha Williams is an Internet and video gaming executive leader with extensive experience in growing technology scale-ups and global corporate management.

In 1996, Sascha, as COO, helped grow web pioneer, Bluewave, Ltd., into a global leader with offices in London, San Francisco, New York and Singapore leading to acquisition by Maersk Data (IBM).

Over the following decade Sascha worked in various senior management positions for Electronic Arts, Microsoft (BigPark) and the Walt Disney Company before joining SaaS industry leader, Unbounce, in 2015, serving as President and COO.

Now as a board and executive advisor, Sascha helps a number of tech start-ups and scale-ups with their growth strategies, SaaS metrics, and scale challenges.